Ashlee Byerley June Walker of the Month
Ashlee Byerley is our walker for June.  She is 27 years young and works at Lake Havasu High School as an English teacher.  She was born in California, but has lived in Lake Havasu her whole life.
Ashlee says she exercises because it’s her “me” time and loves to feel strong, healthy and confident (she says Sandy Hickox’s TRX class does all that!!).  She exercises 2-3 times a week mostly at Titan Gym, but takes to nature and also works out in her living room. 
Ashlee says exercise has helped her most with her mental health as she suffers with anxiety and depression; this gives her a place to heal and re-center.
She states that you should exercise for yourself and it’s ok to want to for yourself: to not prove anything to the mirror, scale or even other human beings!!!  Do it for you!! She also says to respect your journey and don’t compare.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T as Aretha would say.  The journey and destination are all yours; make them count!!! Start your own journey, respect yourself and
Get On Your Feet!
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