Michael Alan Sleepless in HavasuEach year Michael Alan Furnishings holds their Sleepless in Havasu event to raise support for the Cancer Association of Havasu.  It is their vision that every woman can get an early detection mammogram. and the Cancer Association of Havasu has a program to do just that.  For a small fee, the Cancer Association will provide a mammogram through Havasu Regional Medical Center for individuals who are under-insured or have a high deductible. 
Sleepless in Havasu participants stay awake from 6 am Friday, September 13 to 6 am Saturday, September 14.  Beds in the store are assigned to teams to be decorated according to a breast cancer awareness theme as part of the event.  There are numerous activities planned to help them stay awake throughout the night,
Everyone is invited to the kick-off at 5:00 pm Friday and have cake and champagne!  Non-contest participants are encouraged to come in and see the beds and participate in the silent auction. 
"The event isn't just an effort to raise funds for breast cancer screenings, but to share support as well."  There are women involved who are battling cancer, some are survivors and some are supporting friends and family.
For more information about participating or donating to the event, contact Michael Alan Furnishings at 928-855-6067.   You may also make a general donation to the campaign using the form below..
Over the years, Michael Alan Furnishings has raised more than $300,000 for cancer prevention screenings
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